Part 1: Copenhagen: Beauty and Beers

As some of you may know or not know, last week I went to Copenhagen and Stockholm, under the guised excuse of going to rendezvous with Chad, my older bro.  He had to work and I got to play and discover some pretty incredible things about Copenhagen and then continued the adventure solo status up to Stockholm.

Old Port District of the City
Old Port District of the City

Copenhagen is a pretty incredible city and hands down has some of the nicest folks around (or maybe I have just been in France too long).  When first arriving, I got lost and when I finally stopped to ask for directions from a girl in a coffee kiosk in a plaza, she did not hesitate to whip out her cell phone and get me on my way.  I mean seriously nice people, and serious about their beer.

Copenhagen has had a long love affair with beer.  Probably the most famous international beer out Denmark is Carlsberg and a close second in Tuborg. But these pilsners are not the only beer this city brews. The city has an incredible amount of small microbrews just waiting to be discovered.

These guys even make their own vinegar at the brewery.This place is a must!
These guys even make their own vinegar at the brewery.This place is a must!

Right off Strøget, which is one of the longest pedestrian walkways in the world, I found a pretty cutty spot that I would recommend to anyone who winds up in Copenhagen. The spot is called the Brewpub, and they have amazing pub fare and brew some pretty spectacular beers, they even brew their own malt vinegar.  It is not the cheapest, but an exceptional value. The fish ‘n chips are dynamite, I went here twice out of four days.  Killer!

The Little Mermaid- an iconic place to visit in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid- an iconic place to visit in Copenhagen

But there are several beers to be discovered as you just walk around the city.  The canals that are built throughout Copenhagen, make is a fabulous walking city.  But the don’t miss spots are the Old Port, the Palace, Hans Christian Anderson’s little mermaid and I also took a tour boat that takes you through the canal systems of the city to check out the sights.  It is pretty touristy, but I learned some historical facts, took in some great views, covered some serious ground and got to sit back and sip on beer (I brought it from land).  Not sure if the beer is actually permitted, but no one looked at me expect another envious passenger.  Tivoli Gardens in another main attraction and during the summer I am told the Jazz festivals are spectacular around the Copenhagen.

The nightlife is pretty happening, with lots of little pubs to sneak into to warm yourself on some pretty nippy nights.  There are some great bars as well that play live music.  Chad, a few of his coworkers and I found ourselves one evening squeezed into a packed little (and I do mean LITTLE) pub, with a few tables of people with their smörgåsbord, all singing along with a guy on a guitar sing old American tunes.  To say that people were having a good time was an understatement.

There was so much to see and do I did not have enough time to discover all I wanted to in just four short days. Copenhagen is without a doubt a city I will be returning to again… but it was time to catch a flight to Stockholm.


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