Wine survival guide Glastonbury 2015

With Glastonbury 2015 kicking off we wanted to make sure whether you were at the show itself or watching from the comfort of the couch that you’re properly prepared to rage with some of the biggest legends on the stage.

If you are in fact lucky enough (we are so jealous!) to be headed to the show some critical pieces of equipment to bring would be a tent, wellies and a lot of bagged wine. No glass is permitted at the show.

Top hacks we came across:

Take a bag of wine out of the box itself. Pour yourself a glass as you pack and stick the rest in the freezer. It should freeze and then you can stick the bag in your cooler and it should stay cold at least for the first night- but let’s be real will it even last that long? Recommendation: Growling Frog ChardonnayGlastonbury Essentials

Also ladies out there – in case you have missed this season’s newest wine accessory check out the wine purse. Be the fashion envy of all you wine friends as well as being adequately prepared to make the most out the festival. This clutch is so clutch.

Careful, though, wine and mud can be a slippery slope.

Wine and mud can mix, when gravity gets involved however it can get messy
Wine and mud can mix, however, when gravity gets involved it can get messy

However, if in fact you are like the rest of us who will be enjoying Glastonbury from the comfort of home – we have a survival guide for you as well!

Check out a few wines that could be enjoyed with some of the big names that will be gracing the Glastonbury stages.

(Scroll and click over each photo in the gallery to see why we paired each wine with each Glastonbury legend)

And although it not the same as being at the show don’t forget some of the perks: your own bed that won’t be in the mud, toilet paper, a clean hot shower and if you need more wine we can even deliver so you don’t miss a beat.

Our Recommendations:

Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Brut NV Bronze Top Champagne

Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling 2014 Marlborough

Craggy Range Te Muna Road Pinot Noir 2012 Martinborough

Viñalba Reservado Malbec 2013 Mendoza

The Lodge Hill Shiraz 2012 Jim Barry, Clare Valley