Wing it with the winos

On occasion it seems winos may speak another language and it has nothing to do with how many glasses of wine you or they have had, but everything to do with they way they are talking about it.

We provide a crash course in how to speak wine so you can wing it with the most celebrated of the winos you encounter.

Acidity: This is not a reference to a drug induced flashback, acid helps brings structure to wine otherwise sometimes it can just feel a little flat- it gives white wine zing and a crispness. It is really a bit like the sour candies.

Sour makes it zingy!

Balanced: The moment of sanity for wine. It is like those few and far moments of sanity for yourself, when everything is as it should be. A balanced wine is much like that- it is when the amount of acidity in the wine is in proportion with sweetness and the tannins of the wine. It is the zen wine.

The zen moment of wine
Our moment of zen

Tannins:  You ever have a red wine that makes your whole mouth feel like you just ate a stick of chalk?  Or had a red wine that feels like velvet on your tongue? This all comes down to the tannins.

WIne that makes you purrrr
Wine with soft tannins is velvety and makes you purrrr

Younger wines tend to be more tannic than older wines and as they “age” the tannins soften and give way to that velvety softness.

Its corked: We have all been witness and in fact been forced to participate in the ritual at restaurants- someone has to try it when the wine waiter brings the bottle over.

The ol' sniff test

Even though they have hired a person who is an expert on wines, they bring it to the table and then you have to say whether or not it is good.  Not as in good ‘I like this’, but good as in it has not gone bad. No joke wine can go bad- it won’t make you ill, but it will taste off and when it is, it said to be ‘corked’- taste the way a wet towel smells.

Bad wine! Bad!
Bad wine! Bad!

Dry: The winos word for not sweet.  Why don’t they just say not sweet?  We don’t know. But the less sugar a wine has the drier it is said to be.  We could tuck into a wine like that.

Get in there you sweet sweet wine
Get in there you sweet, sweet wine!

Terrior: Don’t be terrified by terrior!! The theory goes that terrior is the wine expression of it’s environment- how much it rained that year- even down to the type of soil that vine grows in-
these things all are said to have an effect on the vine and thus affect the taste of the wine.

I detect a hint of dirt from my backyard
I detect a hint of dirt from my backyard

The wine therefore has a specific terrior or sense of place. How many people though go around eating soil to see if tastes like the wine?

Now that you are wino wordsmith you can wing it with the best of them.

Cheers! You are now a professional wino or at least can talk like one
Cheers! You are now a professional wino or at least can talk like one

Interested in more wine lingo?  Or not sure about a word? Ask our in-house winos to break it down for you.


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